Hadadi Fine Art is a contemporary art gallery deeply influenced by a profound familial appreciation for art passed down through generations within the Hadadi family. Reza Hadadi, our founder, has been working on this collection since 2012 and has instilled the core values of the gallery, rooted in the belief that art is a unique form of communication. 

With a global scope, Hadadi Fine Art represents a wide spectrum of artistic genres and artists. In addition to our online presence, which presents a dynamic platform with relevant news pieces serving as a gateway to the contemporary art world, Hadadi Fine Art offers private viewing rooms by appointment. These intimate settings allow for a personalised and immersive art experience. 

Moreover, our gallery vision extends to participation in renowned art fairs, exhibitions, and pop-up events, enabling art enthusiasts to directly engage with our artists and their works, forging meaningful and long-term connections with the contemporary art world.